Why Use Binary Options Robots Software?

The world of trading and investment has advanced together with technology these days, too. If you have been investing in various trading forms, you will realize that it has gone through different stages that it has reached to a height where almost everyone is aware about investing their money, through the introduction of technology. As technology has become very advanced, so does the way investing is. Stocks, bonds, mutual funds and forex are just some of the forms of trading that investors are busy with these days. There is one form of trading that has caught the attention of people, and that is the binary options.

 robots imageWhat are binary options? It is an easy option contract that has a fixed reward and fixed risk. The reason why it is referred to as binary options is because the trader can only choose one of the two choices available. If you are familiar of the language used by computer systems to communicate, it only consists of 1s and 0s. It is similar with binary options, too. This is one of the new ways to trade within the financial world and binary trading has been growing fast all these years. A lot of investors are curious as to how binary options work, there are also those who are intimidated by its processes, especially when you lose, you lose everything. This is why beginners are not allowed to dive in without prior knowledge to how binary options are supposed to be handled.

There are also those that find binary options a good choice of investment that goes along with their other investments or trades as well, such as gold, stocks, bonds, forex, to name a few. But this is only pursued by those who live their lives trading day in and day out – those that seems to look like they do not rest until they are satisfied with the outcome of their investments. Because of this certain passion that investors show, it has led the average citizen to think that they are nowhere near to become good investors. But if you are interested to know how to trade, there is a good way that you can start without losing too much yet learning how to handle it, and binary options trading is one of those answers.

In order to start your trade with binary options, you need to have a computer that is working at its optimal state. The newer your computer, the better. It should also be able to handle various software that are related to binary options trading. This also comes with the binary options robots. The binary options robots are used by traders and brokers to simplify and quicken their trade without doing everything from scratch. It is a fully automated system that will decide on its own, based on the program that either the broker or the trader has made into the system. Once the program is completed and is operating, it will automatically make its own bets based on the preferences you’ve made.

The reason why it is best to use the binary options robots software is simple – to avoid the hassle and the stress dealt by a number of brokers and traders that are not aware of the capabilities that the robots could do. The way the binary options robots work is that it analyzes the trend in the market through real time by calculating each trading indicator’s live value. The indicators are created in a way that will provide the signals for trading whether it is to call or to put. The robot software executes the program or the trades on the broker which follows the trading signals and system.

binary robotsPrior to starting your trades with the robots, it is natural that you need to download the software that you are going to use. Just like how there are hundreds of programs that are similar to each other, there are only a handful of the best, which is also the same with the binary options robots. Among these handful, you only get to pick one that you feel comfortable working with. This should be the one that is compatible with your working style, and not just pick any software that everyone seems to agree that works best for them. Although reviews can also help you choose the right robot software for you, don’t ever forget to test it out.

You should also be careful against the automated systems that are endorsed to you through email. They are mostly advertised in a get-rich-quick scheme and many other tactics that will make you gain a lot of money in just a short amount of time. These are likely scams and are used against innocent traders. This is why it is best to look for reputable and very popular binary options robots trading software so as to avoid being scammed or robbed of your fortune.

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Millionaires blueprint – is it a scam?

One more day, another faulty item is being coercively fed to me over email asserting to profit in my rest, and tycoons diagram is the most recent item presenting cases of improved way of life, cash and the greater part of the other incredible bits that accompany being monetarily secure.

Yet, I’m dreadful of items and sites like this, on the grounds that past experience lets me know, and other people that is perched wavering that it’s not going to work, but rather there’s dependably that little voice that entices to you attempt it at any rate.

The tragic truth about items like Millionaires Blueprint, however, is that as a rule they just make the individual that made the item any cash, and nobody else.

So because of a great deal of overwhelming feedback from my supporters about me not testing items recently, I’ve chosen to place €250 into my record with AA Option, which is the parallel alternatives intermediary I alluded to through the tycoon plans site.

Firstly, a group of visual fashioners or online advertisers set up together what is referred to in web showcasing circles as “a channel” most pipes for items like this are very essential, and the genuine expert web advertisers like Larry Page and Mark Zuckerberg have more perplexing pipes with Google and Facebook.

Be that as it may, doing a reversal to the paired choices channels, it’s very straight forward. The pipe normally is a video took after by a pick in the structure where the advertiser catches your data. This is entirely ordinary practice in online business as to recognize the client so it doesn’t especially watch strange.

On the other hand, what the advertisers do in this occasion is they set a progression of subsequent messages that assault you will messages to attempt their item, on more than one occasion every day for around a month, by and large the acknowledged number of messages to get a month in the wake of picking in is 2.

At that point, there’s the agents part in this. Paired Options representatives, will pay top dollar if genuine dealers are sent to them. So the advertisers masquerade as IBs (presenting merchants) to get top charges paid by the intermediaries, and after that they concur a test time of 4-6 weeks where they will send a vast volume of activity to a couple specialists, and the dealers ordinarily respect the partner installments.

When the representative acknowledges they’ve had a heap and of clients alluded under false falsifications, they have effectively paid the member commissions, and the advertisers vanish.

Notwithstanding…. The representatives got insightful to this a couple of years prior so they began presenting a base exchange sum before activating member commissions so now the advertisers use t he agents API to “incorporate” sign up structures in the their site, however they adventure records opened by means of the API to exchange your cash away whilst your dozing to guarantee they get paid.

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Millionaire Blueprint System – Fake or Real?

Binary Options trading is just like betting but masqueraded in a sophisticated outlook to give it a reputable façade. There are dozens of sites that have spouted on internet in the past few months alone and they do nothing except rip people off their hard earned money. That does not mean that every site is fake and out to rob you off your cash. There are few reputable ones too but it gets very difficult to differentiate between the real and scam ones. Most of these systems are not free but a subtle system tricks you into believing that you are going to get rich without paying any bucks. But there is always a catch and we are not able to catch it until the disaster struck.Millionaire-Blueprint-Review1

The Millionaire Blueprint System is a cash generating software that claims to be 100% free. A trading system that is worth $4999 providing free services is something that is very hard to digest. As you will progress through the site, you will realize how much is true and how much is just pure conjecture. The video presentation present on the site claims to have helped hundreds of people in making millions online in less than ninety days or so. The best part, according to the video, is that the system is absolutely free. You can get upto 85% rate of return on your investment if you choose the right stock. The Millionaire Blueprint System offers dedicated services of specialist who will help you in choosing the right stock. The Dream Team mentor is always set to give you valuable advice that is going to make you a millionaire. All of their claims seem too good to be true. A careful analysis will show how people are being deceived into following something that is nothing more than just a well executed and attractive scam.

Screenshot_2The System is paid whenever you open an account regardless of the fact that you win some money or lose it. Although it may not directly ask the user for money but after signing in, it demands you to get registered with a broker, which you can only do by paying atleast $250. A finder’s fees is gotten by the company whenever someone opens an account. The system is nothing more than a fooling machine that makes people lose their money in fastest way possible and secondly it is no where worth $4999. The figure is put up only to attract gullible who have no or minimal knowledge of how binary trading options work.

The video also tells people that no effort or knowledge about the binary signal trading is required on their part to get rich. Well this is farcical if you look at the claim from a wider perspective. There are several similar kinds of short cuts of getting rich online and none of them has ever worked out. If you are interested in trading of binary options, it is essential that you first understand all the intricacies of this business and then take advice of a licensed adviser to take the right decision.

There is no shortcut to getting rich than learning about online marketing and then venturing into the system to work on time tested and already proven platforms. Getting entangled in online mess like the Millionaire Blueprint System is an idiocy.

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Online trading – investing in Binary Options

Investing somehow always was uncertain action that depends on your knowledge, capabilities but also a little bit on luck. Brokers that work with the stocks, bonds or shares have preknowledge in these things, and they do the research on regular basis. That proves that binary options trading is far away from the easy way of making money, like some people say. Like in every job, you have to understand the crucial facts and its way of operating, otherwise you will not accomplish anything worth and you will end up crying for you lost your time and money.Strategy-for-gain-in-Binary-Options

Binary options emerged somewhere in 2008. At that time, only few traders had access to this type of trading. Traders mostly were buying some properties and real estates, since that had a label of “safe investment”, but essentially that was also an own version of gambling, due to unpredicted financial outcome. When binary options were presented, that sort of trading business was still not developed properly, so a lot of people were skeptical about using it.

Binary option trading is a way of investing via predicting the price range of various assets : gold, USD, oil etc. This kind of trading is very similar to forex or stock trading, but it’s more simplified while at the same time offers bigger payout.  In order to make your investment positive, you have to learn how it works, you must read the charts and before anything, you must learn how to make predictions. The predictions are the most important thing, since the predictions make money, if they are correct of course. So we can conclude that it’s not extremely necessary to be a financial expert in order to make some profit using binary options, but it’s definitely much easier if you are familiar with the stock trading and everything that is related to it.

What-Is-Binary-Options-TradingIf you are wondering whether investing in binary options is legal, I can surely say that it is ! As I have said in the beginning, a lot of companies did not offer the chance for binary options trading. As this trading was emerging more and more, it became clear that a lot of money was going to this sector. USA was actually the first country that introduced binary options trading. Then some other big countries like Japan, UK or Cyprus joined and presented this trading on their market. I must not forget to mention that many online brokers and trading platforms are regulated by CySEC, which is based in Cyprus.

If you want to invest your money in some kind of business, I wouldn’t say that you need to invest it in binary options trading. This business can generate you a decent income, only if you put a lot of effort into it, which must be backed up with the basic knowledge and understanding of stocks, bonds and forex trading. I cannot say that is the biggest reason that will determine will you be successful, but that is why I gave you some opinion and information about this potentially worth business trading. If you decide to enter the world of online trading I suggest starting with IQ Option.

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USA guide for Binary Options Trading

As you already know Binary Options trading is one of the simplest ways of trading, you have only two options, up and down. That basically means that you have 50 percent chance to win every time you make your prediction. Because of this simplified way of trading Binary Options Trading became well known and used way of trading. But before you go blind in this kind of trading you should know few things like what companies are legal in USA ( trading on some of the illegal companies may result in losing money or worse getting in problems with law ), what are good and bad things with this kind of trading, and other options you will see on every legal site.

    binary-options-trading-assets-stocksSimple yes and no Binary options for traders are most common and only that you will encounter on USA Binary Options Trading sites. There are other different options that can be predicted, but they are not available to traders on USA trading sites so we will avoid further mentioning. However, I would like to mention Big Option system that proved its capabilities for trading so feel free to use it.

     Way that Binary options Trading works is by buying contracts. These contracts are bets ( predictions ) you place on a certain asset. For example if you are USA based trader you will have an option to buy contract for price of an asset being above the current one at the end of a time period you have chosen or that price will be under. Price of every binary option is in range from zero to 100 dollars. For this example we will use silver. If a price of silver is 500 you can bet on will that price be over or under that price at the end of certain time period. And you will get to choose from two binary options, above and under. If you choose above and it says it is worth 30 dollars you will invest that much money in that. Under doesn’t have to be 70 dollars, it is not percentage, it can be let’s say for this example 60 dollars.

    If you have guessed right in before mentioned example you will receive 100 dollars, meaning the difference between 30 dollars and 100 and money you have invested. A term for this is in the money. But if you guess wrong you will lose your 30 dollars which is known as out of the money.binary-options-profit

   If you win, someone else loses, that is the main rule of the binary trading . And you will win their money. You can have multiple predictions ( contracts ) going at the same time.

   On USA based binary options sites there is always a bid and ask option. You can use that to increase your chances of winning. If numbers in bid and ask are near 100 then a lot people think that it will be a yes asset, meaning it will go above. If numbers are around 50 no one dares to predict because none is sure what will happen with certain asset. And if numbers are close to zero, many of the buyers think that asset will be a no option, meaning it will go under. Risking is a key in successful binary options trading and it is up to you to take chances.

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24 Option Review for Beginners

24Option.com has been the issue of discussion and has sparked a lot of buzz of late.in this review I will look deeper in what this 24Option.com is all about.24Option.com is owned by Mika Holdings Inc. which also owns option fair. Based in the British Virgin Islands it started to operate in late 2010.

Trading platform

trading-platformsFor any of you who is a beginner in trading financial instruments online 24Option is a hundred percent web-based which means that it has the added advantage of trading from anywhere you want in the world. Given you have internet connection and a computer, you can visit the site and trade.in terms of design 24Option resembles optionFair’s platform in many ways from the look to the feel. Everything that you require to use the website for trade is easily found which means you don’t have to do a lot of searching to find links you need. Prices of assets are also clearly shown at the bottom of the home page. I find it a little problematic the fact that in this platform charts are not made available instantly.24Option offers a peruse and trading manual to those who are still new to the trade.it also provides a trading simulator which educates you on the basics of binary option trading.


24Option offers a payout which varies depending on the type of trade that you are involved in. They range from about 70% to ever over 85%.infact you can easily find or identify what the actual return for your trade shall be. The platform will instantly show you the likely return if you at any given time expire in the money for your exchange.

Asset list 

I personally think that the asset list should more vast and diverse and offer more options even though 24Option prides itself as offering a diverse range of assets that traders can trade in. Below is the list of asset index that 24Option.com offers.








Euro-Japanese Yen

Pound-Japanese Yen

Dollar-Japanese Yen


Australian Dollar-USD


Euro-Turkish Lira

USD-Canadian Dollar

Swiss Franc –American Dollar

American Dollar-New Turkish Lira




  • FTSE-100
  • DAX-30
  • Dow Jones
  • Nasdaq Composite
  • IBEX- 35
  • CAC 40 Future
  • S&P 500
  • Nikkei 225

Customer service

24Option offers a customer service which is quite comprehensive. They use at least nine different languages. Major languages like French, English, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Romanian, and Turkish are covered by their support team. When in need clients can be able to reach customer service through; phone, live chart and Email.


The withdrawal of profits in 24Option is quite easy and straight forward which makes it reliable. You can get your money either through wire transfer or credit card. The verification process makes the first withdrawal take more time than usual. After the verification process other withdrawals are easy and take a few days. Like most binary option traders 24Option gives one free withdrawal per month though other withdrawals cost you $30 per withdrawal.


It provides returns of up to 85%

Comprehensive support system

The platform is easy and simple to use


The withdrawal charges are high.

The list of assets is not as comprehensive as compared to other binary option traders.

Benefits and bonus are not easily redeemable since you have to wait until a trading volume of twenty times the volume of the bonus is met.


In conclusion that 24Option is an above average binary option trading platform considering the fact that was not established prior to most other platforms. The bonuses offered are quite reasonable. If you decide to check other options I suggest Free Money System.

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